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Privacy Policy of

Wallpaper Webshop respects the privacy of the users of it`s site and makes sure that the personal information that is provided will be dealt with very carefully. We use your details the accelerate the shipping process. We will use your information for other goals with your approval only. Wallpapaer Webshop will not sell your personal details to others. Other companies will only use your details if they are needed for the shipping of the purchased article(s).

Name, address and residence details

Wallpaper Webstore uses the collected details for the following goals: we need your name, address and residence and E-mail in order to make sure that you can receive your ordered article(s). With your approval, we use your details to inform you about our latest developments and special actions. You can always cancel this by sending us an E-mail in which you say that you do not longer want to receive information regarding new developments.

In order to make shopping at Wallpaper Webstore as easy as possible for you, we save personal details. This way we can personalize the website and offer you articles that you might find interesting.

In your Wallpaper Webstore account, we save information like name, address, phone number and E-mail. This way you don`t have to fill in this information the next time you want to place an order.

We appreciate receiving information regarding the use of our site, so that we can keep on developing our site and help our customers even more.


Cookies are little pieces of information that your browser saves on your computer. Wallpaper Webstore uses cookies in order to recognize you the next time you visit our site. Cookies enable us to collect information regarding the use of our website, and with this information we can improve our site and make it even more accessible. Our cookies provide information regarding personal identification. Furthermore, they are used to deal with your order correctly.


Wallpaper Webstore will not sell your personal details. Wallpaper Webstore only uses the collected details to make sure that you can receive your ordered article(s) as quickly as possible. Our employees and the employees of collaborating companies are obligated to respect your personal details. Your details are safe at Wallpaper Webstore. We appreciate your trust in our company, and we will deal with you personal detail very carefully. We will always protect your personal details, as they also are protected by law.